Cancellation Fee?

We were aware that a lot of people contact us for a quote but, because our budget prices are still too high for most people, they end up not getting their devices fixed.

To solve this problem we’re testing a subscription model in order to cover more people who break their devices and at an affordable cost.

We charge the cancellation fees in order to prevent abuse of our services
However, we still have to pay the bills and cover the labor costs, so we charge a cancellation fee in order to prevent abuse of our services. We won’t be able to operate if this service is abused as a one-time discount service and then canceled soon after, hence we require some short-term commitment to cover our costs.

At most repair shops, service charges usually cost at least $100 per repair, if not more.

So in comparison:

You might end up paying $300-$400+ a year just for service charge for 3-4 repairs
On our lowest plan which is $8 Monthly ($96 annually), you get free service on up to 5 Repairs for less than the cost of 1.

-Budget Repair Team