Cheap Mail-In Repair for Kansas, City

We’re located at – 719 Massachusetts St, Suite 117, Lawrence, KS, 66044

We offer very cheap repairs for Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Gaming Consoles if you use any of the following services.

For example iPhone screen/battery replacements up to iPhone 8/8+ all cost $65+tax

  1. Mail Us Your Device  – (Mail-In Service)

    1. Contact Us and we guide you through every step to pack your device safely in a box.

    2. We book USPS to pick up the box the next morning right from your home or you can drop it off at any USPS Post Office.

    3. We receive your device in 1-2 business days. We repair it the same day and it ships out the same day or early the next morning and gets back to you within 1-2 business days.

      We Use USPS Priority Mail with 1-2 days delivery times.

  1. Traveler’s Discount: We give you a discount if you’re are traveling to us from out of our radius, we do this to help and accommodate as many people as possible. Contact Us. This discount requires a valid proof of billing address to work.

  2. Remote Device Repairs – Many software related issues can be fixed remotely. Contact Us to get started.