Monthly Subscription

Save at least 70% on Most Repairs

What is it?

It’s a subscription-based service that allows you to get free repairs every month. It’s free if it’s a software problem, and if it’s a hardware problem you only pay for the parts (or you bring your own).

(If you’re looking for specific repair, contact us here to find out how much you’ll save on that)

Answer: A lot!
Most repairs cost over $100+Tax, with our service you save at least 70% if not more on most repairs.

At most repair shops, service charges usually cost at least $100 per repair, if not more.

So in comparison:

You might end up paying $300-$400+ a year just for service charge for 3-4 repairs
On our lowest plan which is $8 Monthly ($96 annually), you get free service on up to 5 Repairs for less than the cost of 1.

Examples of Savings on Repairs

Cracked Screen Repair Apple Cost – Apple Display Common Repair Shops – Apple Display Common Repair Shops –
3rd Party Display
Budget Repair Subscription – Apple Display Budget Repair Subscription – 3rd Party Market
iPhone 5 $129+Tax $90+Tax $90+Tax $25 $25
iPhone 6/6S $129/$149+Tax $100+Tax $100+Tax $35 $35
iPhone 7 $149+Tax $149+Tax $130+Tax $75 $35
iPhone 7 Plus $169+Tax $169+Tax $149+Tax $85 $40
iPhone 8 $149+Tax $249+Tax $249+Tax $120 $40
iPhone 8 Plus $169+Tax $279+Tax $279+Tax $140 $45


With Our Subscription:
Most Laptop Screen Replacements: $30-$80
Most Laptop Hardware Issues:  $10-$50
Data Recovery Services: Free!

We Repair and do Data Recovery for most Tablets, Smartphones, Laptop, and Desktop Computers.
Contact us here to make sure if your device is covered.


What is a software repair?
A: Any repair that doesn’t require us to order parts in order to fix your devices.
These repairs are completely free of cost under your respective repair quota.
Data Recovery Services also count as a software repair!

What is a hardware repair?
A: Any repair that requires replacing a part of ordering a part to complete a repair.
You only pay for the parts or bring your own parts for the repair.
If the part you provide us doesn’t work it’ll count against your free repair quota.

No Cancellation Fees if you haven’t claimed any repairs.
If any repairs are claimed and if you cancel before 6 months, then you pay the total cost of the repairs minus what you’ve already paid in the plan.

Click Here to learn more about why there is a cancellation fee.

Common Features For All Plans

+ Software Repairs 100% Free Under Quota
+ No Service Charge for Hardware Repairs
+ Data Recovery